Even in this time when social media is the marketing game-changer, there is evidence that email marketing is still an enormously effective way grow your business and achieve excellent return for your marketing dollar.

Does Email Marketing Still Work? – Buzz Park on Lightyear Marketing Group
Email Marketing in 2015: How Do Your Messages Stack Up? – Sherice Jacob on Kissmetrics


Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns work so well because:

  • they are timely and engaging – call to actions in your inbox at the right time are almost irresistible
  • they can be personalised to your various target audiences
  • they allow you to speak directly to your past or current clientèle
  • they allow you to give VIP treatment to loyal followers
  • they can help extend your reach by encouraging your followers ‘market’ your business to their own networks (e.g., “Forward this to a friend”)
  • they can be largely automated and outsourced
  • email management platforms can track your sales or engagements directly back to specific email campaigns, giving you a clear measure of success
  • they are inexpensive to implement and maintain


Micro Business Friendly

The best news for cash-strapped, time-poor soloists and micro business owners is that email marketing does not have to take a huge bite out of your marketing budget or valuable time.


There are free platforms that work brilliantly for one-to-one service providers like allied health professionals, wellness and lifestyle coaches, and healthcare educators. And even if your subscriber numbers exceed the maximum supported by the free version of your platform, the paid options are very affordable.

Set up should only cost you a few hundred dollars if you outsource, and ongoing costs are small to none, depending on your level of involvement in the process.


Initially, you will need to allocate time to establish your email platform account, create a beautiful email template, import your existing contact list, and test your automations. And, of course, putting together the content and images for your first mail out.

If you’re technically minded, you could do this yourself in around a day, or you could outsource the technical work and just produce the content to be dropped into the template once a month.


Benefits of Outsourcing your Email Marketing Process

DIY email marketing does take technical nous, set up time, and ongoing maintenance.

Unless you have experience with email platforms, you may find it frustrating getting started with email marketing and building your subscriber list. You may even make mistakes which affect your credibility, especially if you unintentionally send something half-finished to 250 valued customers!

And if you’re not interested in learning the skills, you won’t enjoy this part of running your business, and it will likely be unsuccessful.

A good email marketing provider will do much more than just build and send your monthly newsletter. They will:

  • ensure your email template supports your personal brand and business colours, is of optimal length with the right images, and is error free
  • test your automations and iron out issues BEFORE the first email is sent
  • proof and provide suggested edits for your written content
  • review the results of each mail out and report them back to you
  • make recommendations to increase subscriber opt-in: ideas for future newsletters, special offers, and calls to action; places where you can publish your sign-up form; and many, many more things that add value to your investment


For my money, partnering with a Virtual Assistant (VA) is the way to get a personalised service for email marketing (and other online marketing strategies).

VAs typically engage with their clients’ business on a deeper level than just as a pure service provider, which enables them to work with you more intuitively and pro-actively. VAs are micro business owners too, and they understand how important it is to embrace your personal brand and connect with your audience when building your email marketing strategy.


Two Ways to Get Stress-free Help

I am pleased to be able to offer TWO services to help you get started with email marketing for your micro business.

Offer 1

For the DIY-ers, I have a FREE 5-part email course on how to set up and send your first email newsletter using MailChimp. To participate, all you need do is sign up to my subscriber community!

Subscribe to receive your 5-part email course on DIY email marketing

Offer 2

For those of you who are ready to hand this over to a professional 🙂 I am running a special offer for Easter, taking 20% off my MailChimp Blast Off package, which gives you a complete subscriber community and email marketing solution for your business, that you can either maintain yourself or hand over to someone else to manage for you. Only $292+GST until 11 April 2016.  

Contact me directly to take advantage of this offer
– valid 31 March to 11 April 2016 –


Whichever way you go with email marketing, done right, it will have a measurable impact on your business’ growth and bottom line.

Next Step – Content!

For inspiration on what to include in your email newsletters, I recommend these excellent articles:

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Stress-free email marketing for your micro business
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