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Breakfast this morning was much more enjoyable than the usual wolfing down of toast amidst spilt milk and cereal crumbs, evidencing that my children had been here before me. Instead, I had the pleasure of a more refined dining experience with three other lovely local VAs and VA wannabe’s at the first meetup of the New Virtual Assistant’s Collaborative Brisbane.

I started this group to meet my desire to make it easy to network, share and learn F2F with other newly-hatched work-from-home or location independent support providers. By unpacking our fresh start-up experiences and sharing the challenges we’ve conquered, I anticipate we will be rewarded with validation for what we’ve accomplished, and learn strategies for tackling roadblocks we may come up against.


I’d like to share with you the take-away’s from our discussions each month. Here’s what we ‘unpacked’ at the April meeting:

Tricks & Tips for VAs

  • The 5-second Rule – Anytime you have an idea that seems like a sure thing, act to advance it within five seconds. Why? Because your brain’s main job is to avoid trouble and risk, so in less than five seconds it will persuade you to abandon your idea. See more at: @melrobbins
  • Then there was The 2-minute Rule! – Overcome procrastination and negate that obstacle by making it so easy to start taking action that you can’t say no. See more at: @james_clear
  • And The 5AM Movement! – An epidemic of early-risers, getting more done in the first hour of daylight than at any other hour. Have a gander at Robin Sharma’s article “Be Wise, Early Rise”: @RobinSharma

On connecting with clients

  • Differentiate yourself from others that provide similar services to yours. Articulate your point of difference.
  • Take time to build a relationship with your ideal client: find their “pain point”; find a way to relate to them about their pain; and show them how you can solve it.
  • When it’s not working, change or hide your message and present it to them differently, but keep persisting.
  • Share something of value with your audience for free, and they will remember you when they need what it is you offer.
  • Embrace social media and make sure you have a website to point people back to – without these, you put yourself at a distinct disadvantage.

It’s so crazy it just might work!

Names Dropped

The following people were identified as personal influencers by the ladies present today:

Wannabe VAs Welcome

I envisage this group doubling as a support network for people who are still planning their VA business but not yet trading. Having access to someone you know that has started their own VA business may prove to be the difference between “Let’s do this” and “It’s just too hard” for someone teetering on the edge (of insanity – oops, no – I mean of liberation!).


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Next NVACB meetup

20 May @ Red Hill – see group website for details:


Thank you to Eli and the team at Brew Masters, Grange, for waking up early to make us coffee, tea, and eggs-every-which-way.



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Anne Pike is an Educator and Micro Business Systemizer, helping allied health practitioners, healthcare educators, and wellness consultants capture the operational policies and processes of their micro business and turn them into instructional guides for outsourcing of tedious business functions, new staff on-boarding programs, marketing, and informational materials for business partners and clients.

Anne’s business My Secret EA was established in October 2015. Anne has a 2-year goal to become an inspiring leader in the field of virtual assistant start-ups and micro business entrepreneurship in Australia.

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New VAs Collaborative Brisbane – 15 April meetup take-aways
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