Skilled Chair + Dedicated Secretary = Effective Committee

Across my years of experience in executive support I’ve come to understand that the skill level of the Chair is the number one factor that influences the effectiveness of a committee. Without effective leadership, committees significantly under-perform.

I strongly believe that committee members genuinely want to make a difference; to make decisions that solve important issues. They volunteer their valuable time to the cause and the Chair owes it to them to run the committee’s activities effectively.

However, I have also observed that an excellent Chair is not enough to get the absolute best out of this valuable think tank. Chairs who achieve maximum effectiveness are always backed by committee-specific administrative expertise.

I am a Committee Specialist, and I know that I can raise the effectiveness of committees through dedicated and targeted support and working with the Chair to:

  • ensure everyone arrives at meetings fully informed and ready to make decisions
  • run a tight and meaningful outcomes-based agenda that makes the most of everyone’s time
  • take clear and concise minutes that are circulated promptly
  • stay on top of the actions register, doggedly ensuring everyone pulls their weight
  • maintain the documents critical to proper committee governance (charters, TORs, policies, etc)

I am also an advocate of cloud-based and paperless support systems for committees that enable members to access governance documents, agendas, papers and collaborative documents, from anywhere, on any device, in real time. Ask me about how I can support you though the on-boarding process.

If you are a forward-thinking Chair on a mission to lead your team to achieve its goals I would be delighted to hear about your specific areas of need and what you hope to achieve.

Anne Pike