Committee Secretarial & Governance Support


The skill level of the Chair is the number one factor that influences the effectiveness of a committee. Without effective leadership, committees significantly under-perform.

However, an excellent Chair is not enough to get the absolute best out of their valuable think tank. Chairs who achieve maximum effectiveness are always backed by committee-specific administrative expertise.

Anne Pike is My Secret EA: an Independent Committee Specialist who raises the effectiveness of committees through dedicated and targeted secretarial support and working with the Chair to:

  • ensure everyone arrives at meetings fully informed and ready to make decisions
  • run a tight and meaningful outcomes-based agenda that makes the most of everyone’s time
  • take clear and accurate minutes that are circulated promptly
  • stay on top of the actions register, helping members to honour their commitments
  • maintain the documents critical to good committee governance (charters, TORs, policies, etc)
  • implement and maintain cloud-based and paperless meeting management systems for committees

If you are a forward-thinking Chair on a mission to lead your team to achieve its goals we would be delighted to hear about your specific areas of need and what you hope to achieve.

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